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The true story of Aaron Singerman

Darielle and Aaron Singerman
Darielle and Aaron Singerman

Aaron Singerman – Thank you for taking a moment to find about my history from heroin addict to INC. 500 business man.  I’m a moral driven, passionate and proudly a father of three.

Whether you’re here to find out more about my philanthropical works, my supplement company, or how I’ve managed to balance those pursuits with being a husband and father, I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Aaron Singerman Facts

Full Name

Aaron Singerman

Born January 23, 1980 (age 41 years), New Orleans, LA
Current City Boca Raton, FL
Children Asher Singerman, Aaden Singerman, Alajah Singerman
Spouse Darielle Singerman (m. 2012)
Parents Jerry Singerman, Lynne Hudson Singerman
Occupation REDCON1 Founder
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Aaron Singerman With Father Jerry Singerman
Aaron Singerman With Father Jerry Singerman

In fact, as a troubled young teen that showed no signs of future achievement I was often labeled an “underachiever.”

Kai Green, Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT, Aaron Singerman
Kai Green, Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT, Aaron Singerman

Born And Raised In New Orleans

Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am today without making a lot of mistakes, but also a lot of good choices. And one of the greatest blessings in my life was having my parents. I have to admit, they were equally as blessed for their parents; both of my grandfathers served in the military and fought on the front lines for this country.

Aaron Singerman New Orleans
Aaron Singerman New Orleans

Growing up, my father, Jerry Singerman, owned a men’s clothing store, Country Fair, which provided the New Orleans area with the latest looks in casual wear.  As you might have guessed, he gave me my first job. Sandwiched between learning what color suit was best for a job interview, and the difference between a sports coat and dinner jacket, dad gave me my first business lessons. Those lessons, about treating employees and customers with respect, and taking the time to do each job to the best of my ability, are ones I have carried with me to this day, in my current business, REDCON1. As you may have guessed, the name and military theme of the company is directly inspired by my grandfathers.

The Importance Of Empathy

Having the opportunity to work alongside my father while he built a successful but demanding business, he always took the time to teach me the invaluable lessons he learned throughout his life.

Of these countless lessons, he always ensured these two remained the most important — treat each customer and employee “with courtesy and empathy.”

Aaron Singerman REDCON1 With Parents Jerry And Lynne Singerman
Aaron Singerman REDCON1 With Parents Jerry And Lynne Singerman
Aaron Singerman With Mother Lynne Singerman
Aaron Singerman With Mother Lynne Singerman

They say you don’t realize how tough you made it on those closest to you until you’ve gained wisdom through life experience and taken the time to reflect on your character. I would be remiss not to share the foundational and unwavering support my mother, Lynne Singerman, had on my character development.

My mother cultivated one key character trait that defines me: my insatiable love of reading. To this day, I am a voracious reader, which has helped me become autodidactic.

After working for my father, even as a teenager, I was never without a job for long. I was also never with a job for very long during my 20’s as the dark side of addiction to heroin consumed my attention.

Aaron Singerman With Grandfather Jack
Aaron Singerman With Grandfather Jack

It wasn’t until my later 20’s that I was able to fight through and break this life gripping addiction and I’ve remained clean ever since. 

I’m open and transparent about the dark part of my past as it’s through this real-life experience I’m able to share with my kids the importance of empathy for others going through difficult situations (even if self-inflicted).

From Passion To Profession In Bodybuilding

Eventually, because I loved bodybuilding, I began working in the field as a trainer at a gym. One day I approached a co-worker driving a brand new Porsche. “How can I get a Porsche too?” “You’ll never get a Porsche working here,” he responded.

Aaron Singerman, Brian Shaw, Luke Sandoe
Aaron Singerman, Brian Shaw, Luke Sandoe

He wasn’t being mean, he was telling me that being a trainer, even though I loved bodybuilding, wasn’t what I was truly passionate about. Not truly.

Constantly Striving For Knowledge

This was the “eureka” moment that escaped me until that point. I continued to train clients in order to pay the bills, but spent all of my spare time listening to radio shows, reading books, and immersing myself in the world of bodybuilding.

Aaron Singerman With Sons
Aaron Singerman With Sons

Eventually I wrote to the host of a podcast who had been endorsing a product that didn’t work. I was a huge fan of the show and couldn’t believe that the host (who I am still friends with to this day) would knowingly endorse something that didn’t work.

Creating My First Podcast

I was right – he wouldn’t, and he even had me on the show to talk about it. That led to a spinoff show with me as the co-host, and my first legitimate job in the industry. We recorded over 300 hours of podcasts and that led to another job within the industry, this time at a very well-known bodybuilding media site.

With me as editor-in-chief! I was traveling the world covering bodybuilding shows and interviewing competitors. But still, this wasn’t for me. I wanted my own company, and more importantly, a family.

Aaron Singerman, Brian Shaw, Eric Hart
Aaron Singerman, Brian Shaw, Eric Hart

Meeting My Wife, Darielle

While I was working as an editor-in-chief covering the sport of bodybuilding I would frequently attend live competitions. 

It was at one of these live competitions when fate dealt me a blessing that could only be described as serendipitous.  It was at this event I met Darielle, one of the competitors, that later become the love of my life.

There is nothing in this world I am more certain of that Darielle is the person I was meant to meet, fall in love with, get married to, and build a family with.

She has been an instrumental piece in each of my businesses providing not only support but knowledge and guidance.

Aaron Singerman with wife Darielle and kids
Aaron Singerman with wife Darielle and kids


I was ready to go all in and create a business of my own. I literally used all of my savings and teamed up with a business partner, and managed to found my first company.

It was named to Inc. 500’s list of fastest-growing companies in the United States (well… 27th in the country and number 1 in the brand’s actual category).

Aaron Singerman
Aaron Singerman

Leaving The Company I Built

It was with a heavy heart in May of 2016, I realized that the company I built with my own blood, sweat, and tears wouldn’t be able to grow into my grandest vision.

Having a business partner can be a blessing. But, as our company grew the vision my partner had and I had also grew apart.

As hard as it is in the moment, sometimes the best thing is to simply walk away.

Even from something you feel is your greatest accomplishment.

It's this ability to walk away, reflect and embrace humility that allows you to achieve what you never before fathomed.

Aaron Singerman Cedric McMillan
Aaron Singerman and Cedric McMillan

Founding REDCON1, the fastest growing sports supplement brand in history

I left to found my own company, REDCON1. I guess some of those lessons about treating everyone with respect, learned in dad’s clothing store as a kid, paid off.

When I founded REDCON1, I was able to recruit the best of the best from the whole industry—people I’d met over the years and with whom I had developed friendships and mutual respect, who were willing to take a chance on a new company because they trusted me and my vision.

REDCON1’s journey from inception to present day expansion in over 80 countries.

REDCON1 continues to positively change people's lives around the world helping everyone live a healthier lifestyle while simultaneously creating community for everyone to support each other on their individual journeys.

REDCON1 is the fastest growing sports nutrition company in history. In four short years, we have gone from five employees to over 150, and as we’ve grown, have been able to branch out with our own charity (The REDCON1 Foundation) as well as being able to support numerous other charities and charitable causes.

A large majority of our customers are military, police, and first responders.
There has been no greater privilege than to serving the heroes who so selflessly serve our country.
The ability to teach my 3 sons how to honor and respect these brave service men and women is a life lesson they will never forget.

Today, There Are Over 150+ Full-Time Employees That Have Become Family And Continue The Mission Statement Set Over 4 Years Prior

REDCON1 is a mission-based company founded on a simple principle - create the highest quality supplements for people that need to get the most out of their workout and workday.

The REDCON1 2020 company photo, the team that helped feed America during the Pandemic
The REDCON1 2020 company photo, the team that helped feed America during the Pandemic

REDCON1 Gym, Boca Raton

As much as fitness, more specifically, bodybuilding, shaped my life since youth I never envisioned or planned on owning a gym.  It wasn’t until the gym I worked out at was failing and on the verge of going out of business.

REDCON1 Gym Boca Raton

The executive team at REDCON1 strategized a plan to turn this business around with an aspirational goal — to create a world-class a destination that’s equipped to support professional athletes yet made available to the public.

Today, we’re proud to share that the gym has become a world-class destination that attracts some of the world’s most talented athletes regularly.

Chad Johnson at REDCON1 Gym Boca
Chad Johnson at REDCON1 Gym Boca

It’s a dream come true to see people travel from all around the world come to the gym for the opportunity to experience the REDCON1 brand and workout next to elite athletes like Kai Greene, Brian Cage, James Hollinshead, and Blessing.

We work closely with many non profits and foundations to host events like the Murph, 9/11 Memorial 5k Run, and Women's Personal Protection Seminars

REDCON1 Gym, Nashville

It felt almost like deja vu when I was visiting one of REDCON1’s manufacturer’s in Nashville and working out at the Nashville Athletic Club.  This facility was in business for over 19 years but due to Covid 19, like many businesses, just didn’t have the ability to sustain.

Just two days after working out at this iconic location on my trip the gym closed their doors for the final time.  I shared this with the executive team and we reached out to the owners to find out what happened.

They had a few other successful locations and determined it was best for them to close this location.  We shared with their team our vision and what we had done in Boca Raton at our first location.  They loved the vision and with that we took over the business to launch our second flagship location.


REDCON1 Foundation

Redcon1 Foundation

“Our goal is clear; make a positive and dramatic impact on the families of our United States Military Heroes.” – Hon. Robert Wilkins, President


Meet Alberto Rodriguez

Alberto Rodriguez was a combat veteran who served in the US Army from 2002 to 2015. Serving as a Cavalry Scout, he deployed to Iraq five times throughout his career.

Meet Joshua Lopez

Josh retired from duty after a final mission in Afghanistan, where he returned with injuries that ended in an amputated leg.

Meet Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown was a combat Marine who served in the from 2007 – 2011.

Courtney was nominated for the RC1 SHIELD OF HONOR donation by Marine veteran, Captain James Ferguson. James and Courtney served together in Afghanistan.

We're here to help. If you know an active military service member or veteran in need please let us know.

My Family

When asked, what is the number one driving force that keeps me motivated and working countless hours daily – the answer is easy – my family.

I couldn’t fully appreciate how wonderful my parents were until I had the opportunity to watch my own boys grow up before my eyes.

Today, I focus on instilling the values, principles, and morals in them that were instilled in me decades ago to shape these young men with character that will build lasting legacies.

Aaron Singerman REDCON1 family
Aaron Singerman REDCON1 family