REDCON1 Florida
REDCON1 Florida

REDCON1 Florida

REDCON1 Florida – The Home Of The Fastest Growing Sports Supplement Brand In History

REDCON1 Darielle Singerman
REDCON1 Darielle Singerman

REDCON1 Florida – Florida is well known for its picturesque beaches, sprawling metropolises, and Mayor Francis Suarez vision of bringing Silicon Valley back to Florida (Miami specifically) shows that it’s far more than just a vacation destination.

How Did REDCON1 Start
How Did REDCON1 Start


REDCON1 was founded in 2016 in the heart of South Florida in Boca Raton. When we first started planning what would quickly become REDCON1 it started at my kitchen table. This was effective for Eduardo Silva, Eric Hart, and me during the planning phase.

As you can imagine this wasn’t a viable growth option as we started planning meetings with key partners like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.

REDCON1 First Office Florida
REDCON1 First Office Florida


I still to this day laugh when I think back to Eduardo’s stories about the all-day business meetings we hosted at my favorite restaurant, Abe & Louie’s. I guess in a funny way you could say REDCON1 Florida utilized Abe & Louie’s as a first temporary conference center.



As we started to formalize the business Eduardo, Eric, Matt Meinrod and I moved into a co-working space here in Boca Raton. This was great for us but absolutely horrible for the others trying to work quietly in this co-working environment. It was clear that our passion for fitness and lack of utilizing an ‘in-door voice’ made our time here short and clear that we needed to find our own permanent headquarters.



It’s always scary signing a long-term lease. My level of anxiety then increased when you factor in I was personally committing to a $12 thousand dollar per month lease with a personal guarantee without a single product created or sold.

But the belief that our planning, timing, passion, and product set would be well received by the market far exceeded the financial commitment anxiety.

There was a brief moment right before we turned on the website, when I had for a split second the fear and thought, “what if no one wants to buy our products?” This moment I remember vividly. I remember feeling an unknown level of vulnerability as negative thoughts crept into the back of my head.

REDCON1 Florida Headquarters
REDCON1 Florida Headquarters


Today, REDCON1 Florida is the home of our headquarters at 701 Park of Commerce Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

Still located in Boca Raton but now on a much larger campus. Over 150+ full-time employees report to HQ daily. This includes everyone from our executive team to our interns.

One thing that makes REDCON1 much different than other businesses (in our industry but also outside) is that we have a fully vertically integrated marketing agency within our organization.

When you first think of marketing you probably initially thought of sales. But it’s much more than that. Our brand’s creative directors, art directors, photographers, and videographers all share space in a state-of-the-art full production studio that encompasses the entire second floor of our 30k sq ft office space. We’re proud to attract and retain some of the world’s greatest programmers that help us bring to life not just a website but completely immersive digital experiences that don’t just lead the sports nutrition space but are on the cutting edge of experiential technological limits.

REDCON1 Florida also houses one of the greatest logistics teams in the world. The benefit of this is that we’re able to serve you, not just a customer, but a valued part of our community with world-class service 7 days a week.

We will always be honest with ourselves and that means from time to time we drop the ball. But we use those as learning experiences to help train our team on how to prevent that as well as how to over-deliver with each individual customer.

So from our humble Singerman family to yours, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family.

REDCON1 Boca Raton
REDCON1 Boca Raton


How Many Employees Are On The REDCON1 Team?

There are over 150+ employees at REDCON1 HQ and REDCON1 Gym Boca Raton. Additionally, we have over 55+ employees at our second distribution center and REDCON1 Gym Nashville in Tennessee.

What does Redcon stand for?

REDCON1, the name itself is actually a United States military term that defines a unit’s Readiness Condition. REDCON1 is the highest state of readiness. Here’s an entire explanation of how the Military adapted this ideology back in 1962.

Were the founders of REDCON1 Active Duty? Aaron Singerman Military?

Although I was never active duty in the military both of his grandfather fought to defend America in wars. Additionally, Eric Hart’s family has many veterans that span multiple generations. It was both Aaron and Eric’s strong upbringings honoring these brave servicemen and women that was the leading force to find a way to give back to military families. One of the greatest accomplishments is the REDCON1 Foundation.

Aren’t All Supplements The Same?

No. There are two primary differences between supplement brands. The first is in the use of the highest quality supplements and ingredients. The second is in labeling transparency. REDCON1 is the most transparent brand on the market. We publish exactly what is in every product right on the label. Many brands historically would use tricks to shield what’s actually in their products by calling them ‘proprietary blends.’ We believe if you’re going to trust us with your workout and workday you deserve to know exactly what is in every supplement.

Are Hardcore Products The Only Products That Get Real Results?

Hardcore products are really more of a marketing and product positioning approach to end consumers than the actual ingredients used themselves. The honest answer is that using a supplement company, like REDCON1, in conjunction with diet and exercise you can reach the results you’re looking for. It’s important to remember there is no magic pill that will help you reach those goals overnight. But with consistency and commitment + proper supplementation, you can reach your goals and maintain them.

How Did You Come Up With The MRE Protein Bar?

This bar was the brainchild of Eric Hart and myself. We were looking for a solution for people who had a difficult time digesting whey protein. The solution was to use a whole food animal-based protein. When you first read that you might think it sounds weird. But I will ask you this — after a long workout do you go home to drink a glass of milk or do you eat beef /chicken. Of course, you eat beef/chicken. In that case, we wanted to make a protein bar that didn’t have the taste of meat but the benefits of whole food sources.

You Help A Lot Of Military Families But How Does REDCON1 Florida Help South Florida Hospitals?

REDCON1 feels more like a local community than a big business. Our team is committed to making a positive lasting impact on South Florida. Every 3 months we partner with ONE BLOOD to host a blood drive at both REDCON1 Gym Boca Raton and REDCON1 HQ. Additionally, we donate protein bars to South Florida Hospitals during times of emergency.  First responders, paramedics, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS are the backbones that keep our communities running safely and smoothly. 

Is TOTAL WAR Preworkout the best preworkout?

Yes. Many brands will launch a product just to replace it with the ‘new and improved version a few months later. This isn’t limited to just the sports nutrition industry. Think about the last time you went to CVS or Walgreens needing Tylenol. You’re there in that moment and needing something to help relieve your ailment. When you look on the shelve there is Tylenol and Tylenol Extra Strength. If you’re like the majority of the population you reach for the Tylenol Extra Strength. But ask yourself — have you ever actually look to see the difference in the formula — or did the words extra strength make the deciding factor? This happens in our space with muscle builders, preworkouts, fat burners, and even REDCON1 TOTAL WAR. But the answer is actually simple. We produce the highest quality preworkout using only premium ingredients. This does cost us more money but we believe that everyone deserves a premium product, not a product designed to have large profit margins.

Do Military Forces take REDCON1 Supplements?

Yes. REDCON1 supplements can be found on every single military base in the United States and at most military outposts around the world.

Why Do All Of The Products Have Military Terminology?

We wanted to ensure each product pays homage to our love of country and respect to those who bravely defend it. Supplement products in the past used nondescript marketing terms to hopefully create an edge over the competition. We took a different approach. We named our products after military terms such as;

  • REDCON1 MRE – In the military, an MRE is a meal replacement. This was the perfect fit for our rich protein-dense meal replacement.
  • REDCON1 HALO – is a lean muscle builder that is designed to help everyone from a Navy Seal